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A level of mystique has always enveloped on how musicians bottle their magic. In 2018, Emmanuel Melse – the hottest new voice in pop and hip-hop – exposed  the challenge “You Name It” to public view, workshopping the songs behind one-way glass to fame. Born in Providence, RI, but raised in Central Florida, this is where he got  his unique moniker Manny SOLO. He always believed that he will deliver the biggest moments in hip-hop and pop.   Fast-forward two years, and SOLO – now fiercely public Central Florida artist – having enjoyed  success as a solo act and made freestyle remixes to artists like Kendrick Lamar’s “Be Humble”, Drake’s “Free Smoke”, Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” and many more in the space of a few years. With unprecedented levels of real-time emotions and moods in his tracks, Solo has also released songs like “Love Sick”, “Come Together” and “Walk On The Moon” on his own.   Artists like Manny SOLO outshine the music industry to remind everyone of the allure of passion within. “Manny SOLO is a vibe, a mood! I want people to understand how I feel”, stated  SOLO when asked to describe himself as an artist. “I give you Hyena status” affirmed by MTV’s legend Sway, when describing his hunger and skill set. One of hip-hop & pop’s finest artists, SOLO wants his fans to understand and relate to his music with longevity

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